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I believe that art it's an endless intellectual quest. It is a way of reflection and understanding of the reality. In my work I explore the material world and the world of ideas. I create self-centered, almost egocentric works reflecting my internal search, my interest and my position. I believe that an artwork is not necessarily needs to outlive its creator or its owner. I don’t support the idea of eternal or great. The “here and now” state is interesting to me to a greater extent. Philosophy and poetry bring great inspiration to me.

Anything I explore would necessarily involve three very important to myself themes. First of all, fragility in all its forms and manifestations. Fragility of the world. Fragility of illusions. Fragility of belief. Fragility of reality. Fragility of ideology. Fragility of memory. Fragility of spectacle. Fragility of communication. Fragility of relations. Fragility of identification. Fragility of boundaries.

This brings up another subject of my interest, problem of a boundaries. It can be a boundaries of visibility, a boundaries of image, a boundaries of feeling, a boundaries of art, a boundaries of memories, a boundaries of collective memory, a boundaries of love, a boundaries of control, a boundaries of power and boundaries of existence. Essence of the boundaries itself. The boundaries as an obstacle and boundaries as a limit. The boundaries of tolerance. The boundaries of the norm. The boundaries of freedom. 

Oleg Komarov, Artist, Abstract Painting

The third important subject is the idea of freedom. Freedom of desire. Freedom of interpretation. Freedom of choice. Freedom of opinion. Freedom of identification. Freedom of being meaningless. Freedom of being useless. Freedom from diktat. Freedom from one’s own past. Freedom from doctrine. Freedom from conventions. Freedom from rules. Freedom from boundaries. Freedom from the need to comment and explain. Freedom to speak and freedom to remain silent.

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