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Following the principle of Bataillean economy, I abandon oneself on blissful squander. I deprive the picture of the burdens of market relations. I give a present of to you, but do not sell. I withdraw artworks from the endless circle of purchase and sale.Potlatch is a crumbling treasure, an aimless expenditure, a generous gift without return - the main variable of a gift economy.


Digital art have to deal with inexhaustible and light-weighted bits. So pieces of art created from bits become the best ally of Bataillean squander. They transfer from the monitor to the monitor, sharing and multiply like a virus. Gratuitous and priceless they do not obey the art market rules.


The owner of artworks can be any person, you just need to download. The owner is free to use of the picture as you like. For example he can use this artworks as a wallpaper for desktop, print up, donate or sell

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